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Jerky Jerky Jerky

Jerky Jerky Jerky

     My name is Hal Gullick.
    We at Hal's Homemade would like to thank you for visiting our wesite. At this time we would like to talk to you about Hal's Homemade Beef Jerky and tell you a little of how Hal's Homemade Beef Jerky began.
    Hal's Homemade started out (25+ years ago) from just a simple idea of making Beef Jerky for  co-workers at Whirlpool Corp. in Fort Smith Arkansas.  As time went along, Hal's Beef Jerky became popular in its surrounding community. Hal's Homemade gained recognition in its community from that first bag of Homemade Jerky. Hal's Homemade Jerky wound up as a commercial grade Jerky being manufactured in McAlester Oklahoma. Unlike most companies as they become commercialized let go of their Homemade roots. We offer the best of both worlds by still offering Homemade Jerky and Commercial Jerky as well with the same recipe in both lines of our products. 
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The Beginnings
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